Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pre-Oscar party-with-a-purpose

Howdy chaps, so keep an eye on our twitter tonight cause we’ll be tweeting you instant updates from the ‘Pre-Oscar party-with-a-purpose’ tonight in Malibu. I’m getting out the red dress and my new heels (which I totally cannot walk in – deffo bringing boots to change into!) to mingle with some celebs and catch a sneak preview of Award-winning director Dianne Namm’s new film ‘Finding Hope’.

“As a writing mentor, Namm spent two years doing writing workshops with young girls in group homes and drug rehab centers, listening to the stories and experiences that these “throwaway” children had endured.  FINDING HOPE is for them and those like them, whose voices are almost never heard.”

Find out more about Dianne's work at her website:

Expected celebrities from the film include, (Left to right) Molly Quinn, Chris Mulkey, Richard Reihle, Andy Mackenzie (True Blood), Christine Elise and Ray Abruzzo (The Sopranos).

As well as Oscar nominees from The King’s Speech and The Social Network, Katharine Ross (The Graduate, Donnie Darko), La Toya Jackson (Recording Artist), Lee Daniels (2010 Best Director Academy-Award Nominee for Precious), Quinton Aaron (Actor, The Blind Side), supermodel Jaimie Hilfiger, Donna D'Errico (Baywatch), Nathalie Fay (The Hangover), Patrick Kilpatrick (Minority Report), Desreta Jackson (The Color Purple - which I am personally extremely excited about - she was the young Celie! High School English Literature is all coming back to me now...), Kristen Quintrall (Transformers Dark of the Moon), Brett Stimely (Watchman, Transformers 3) and many more.

I'm certainly excited :D

If your not throwing/attending your own pre-Oscars party tonight, whip up an oatmeal face mask, iron out your best party dress and get some beauty sleep cause tomorrows the big night!

Ama J. Budge
Special Correspondent 

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