Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rowan & Martin Laugh-in's Event gathering in Beverly Hills 02/22/11

By : Suniil Sadarangani
 Special Correspondent

The Paley center For Media hosted a rare gathering of some of the original team members of the Rowan & Martin Laugh-In's. Not present though were the duo themselves Dan Rowan and Dick Martin, since they are no more. Some of the key troupe was present though, on stage, in full form, years older but spirited and funny as ever! You had Arte Johnson, Gary Owens, Jo Anne Worley and George Gobel.

You could see they had maintained their friendship over the years through their warm and familiar repartee. Some of the other names who were part of the show and became superstars eventually were Lily Tomlin, Goldie Hawn (who was supposed to have come but couldn't make it), Cher, Sally Fields, Gene Hackman to name a few.

After some laughs and going down memory lane, some of funniest clips from show were shown to the audience and a Q & A thereafter was conducted. Some of casts family members and spouses were introduced as well.

A fun, nostalgic evening showcasing a part of yesteryear Hollywood.

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